Why You Should Consume Fermented Food Regurarly

Why You Should Consume Fermented Food Regurarly

Today, fermented foods increasingly occupy an important place in the market due to the current demand for healthy foods and high nutritional value. As you can see later, these meet this demand very well by providing probiotics and nutrients that favor human health. Fermented foods promote overall health; they temporarily improve the natural microbial flora … Read more

Types of Fermented Beverages

Tipos de bebidas fermentadas

When talking about fermented drinks, they are those that can be made from fruit juices, herbal infusions, soaked grains, ver and black tea, which are left to grow or ferment for a certain period of time. Thanks to this process is that these drinks acquire a large number of probiotics, beneficial bacteria, and yeast. Now, … Read more

Drinking Kombucha for Anxiety Does It Work?

Beber Kombucha para la Ansiedad

The appearance of psychological or emotional problems such as anxiety can arise from various causes and one of these is related to microbial imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract, which for many is surprising because how is it possible that the intestine is related to mood? Several studies have found a relationship between the gut microbiota … Read more