Kombucha and Hair Loss: Everything You Need to Know

kombucha for hair loss

Many properties that kombucha tea may have been rumored, whether curative or harmful, and today, we will talk about what we know in terms of kombucha for hair loss. There are not many real testimonials where consumers have presented problems with the health of their hair after using kombucha. On the contrary, many have claimed to … Read more

The Effect of Kombucha on Skin rash

Kombucha Irritación de la piel

Despite being an excellent source of nutrients, kombucha is not exempt from side effects that can be disease-causing, where skin rash has been in the foreground. Well, today we will dig on the possible effects of kombucha on skin rash. When misapplied, either as a remedy or simply as part of the diet, it can … Read more

The Science behind Drinking Kombucha for a Cold

kombucha for a cold

In ancient times kombucha was considered an elixir capable of curing various ailments. Still, although it ceased to be used as a remedy over time, it is now being recognized again because its health effects continue to have the same importance for controlling some diseases, so let’s analyze the impact of drinking kombucha for a … Read more

Kombucha: Safe Option for Celiacs (Gluten Free)

Kombucha for celiacs

Celiac disease is one of the most complex diseases that humanity has known. For years it has been sought how to combat it, without much success, and considering fermented food is becoming more popular these days, we will explain further if it is possible to drink kombucha for celiacs. Is kombucha an option for celiacs? Well, … Read more

Drinking Kombucha under an Antibiotic Treatment

Drinking Kombucha under an Antibiotic Treatment

It is widespread knowledge that using antibiotics to fight diseases can have specific side effects on our body, and as a good kombucha lover, you can question its intake, which leads us to this article that we have created especially to solve your doubts. Is it possible to take kombucha under an antibiotic treatment? There is … Read more

Can Kombucha Cause Yeast Infections

kombucha for yeast infections

Yeast infections have become a widespread problem over the years. However, given their nature, people usually only notice them once they have advanced.  In that sense, some have proposed that kombucha can cause them since it is known to contain yeast bacteria in its composition. However, can kombucha cause yeast infections? In general, no, because the yeasts … Read more

Kombucha: Causing or Preventing Gout? The truth

kombucha and gout

Is there a relationship between gout and kombucha? Gout is a disease triggered by excess uric acid in the bloodstream. Kombucha also contains “acids,” organic ones, such as lactic, acetic, and gluconic acid. Therefore, people may think consuming kombucha, given its acidic components, may trigger gout symptoms. But is this true? Can kombucha cause gout … Read more

The Effects of Kombucha for Gastric Ulcers

Kombucha for Gastric Ulcers

It is absurd to think that an acidic drink can control and eliminate gastric ulcers, usually caused by high acidity due to acidic gastric secretions, so how is it possible that an acidic liquid does not worsen this condition and make the opposite effect by healing the wound? Kombucha offers a variety of components that, … Read more

The Consumption of Kombucha When Having Diabetes

Kombucha al tener diabetes

Among the most frequently asked questions related to kombucha is whether it can be consumed by diabetics, that is, if it is safe. That is why here we are going to talk in detail about it, that is, we will touch on the possible benefits, how it works, and also alternatives that can continue to … Read more

The Effect of Kefir on Gastric Ulcers

Kéfir sobre las Úlceras Gástricas

Dairy fermented products have nutritious and delicious properties that help strengthen the gastrointestinal mucous membranes, and kefir which, although an acidic drink, has the potential to collaborate with the elimination of ulcerative pathologies that are usually caused by excessive acid production. In digestive pathologies, certain types of foods that can worsen the clinic of the … Read more