How Much Kombucha You Should Drink (Dialy Dosis)

It has been said a lot that kombucha favors the health of the body, but to obtain these benefits it is also recommended to limit its consumption because the calories and sugar in tea, despite being low, if taken in excess can affect health, so we will inform you about how much kombucha you should take. [1]

Therefore, it is recommended on average a consumption of between 100 to 360ml per day per person, taking into account the amount offered by each bottle of kombucha that can reach up to 480ml. [2]

This is a food full of nutrients and probiotics that, like other foods, the size of the portion to consume can go according to what makes the body feel good, since some people with digestive problems or compromised immune systems find relief by incorporating amounts ranging from 120ml to 240ml or even up to 480ml taken between 1 to 3 times a day. [1]

But taking 480ml is not recommended, therefore it should only be limited to the safe amount required per day.

How much Kombucha is safe to drink per day?

To avoid excessive consumption of calories and sugars, a maximum consumption of 240ml (8 oz) per day is recommended distributed in 1 to 3 doses, which can be in the mornings after fasting, and together with a meal to aid in digestion.

Moreover, to complement the previous information, we have a post totally dedicated to the times of day when it is better to drink kombucha with its respective justification.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that, although the doses are desired and within the limits, consumption can become harmful when consumed by a person with pre-existing health problems. [1]  [2]

The above is absolutely relative and really not something for sure, for example, when we discuss whether kombucha can generate yeast infections, we conclude that it does not generate such infections, but on the  contrary, fights them efficiently, but cases have been reported where the opposite happens. 

Can you drink Kombucha every day?

It can be taken on a daily basis extending for several weeks or months but controlling the amounts of kombucha without exceeding the recommended control doses to avoid adverse effects, as it is also recommended not to consume less than the recommended dose (120ml) so as not to lose the benefits that kombucha can offer.

While consumed in the recommended doses may be obtained beneficial effects for the body related to the functions of the liver and kidney, a possible reduction of anxiety and slow down the increase in blood sugar levels, but if you consume more than the recommended daily limit adverse effects may be observed.

In excess you can develop pathologies such as diabetes due to the high consumption of sugar but there is also another reason why your consumption is limited and is the risk of presenting a chemical acidosis since the fermentation period converts kombucha into a tea of acidic nature, if you drink more than the suggested amount you could develop a lactic acidosis mainly in individuals susceptible to acidosis,  with weakened immune systems, excessive alcohol consumption and pregnant women. [3]

How Much Kombucha Should I Take to Lose Weight?

At least 240ml of kombucha should be taken in the morning after a little water and before breakfast, consuming it frequently so that the greatest desired benefits can be obtained. It would practically be the same amount recommended above without intentions of losing weight. [4]  [5]

In some studies it was shown that over 12 weeks some people averaged a weight loss of 3.7 pounds, 0.9% less body fat, 0.75 inches reduction in waist circumference and a whopping 26% decrease in dangerous triglycerides. [4]  [5]

Even so, it should be taken into account that the amount of sugar that kombucha can have varies widely, so you should check the labels to find the product with the lowest sugar content. Homemade drinks are ideal for weight loss because a longer time in fermentation greatly reduces sugar levels.  [4]

Because kombucha normally has low sugar levels it is considered one of the best food choices for weight loss, since compared to most soft drinks with 30-40 grams of sugar, kombucha only goes from 2 to 7 grams of sugar per 240 ml.

Keep in mind that kombucha is not miraculous, if it is not combined with a healthy diet achieving a state of caloric deficit, you will never be able to reduce those extra kilos you have.

How Much Kombucha Should I Take for Gut Health?

If the focus of kombucha intake is gut health, then you should follow the recommended dosage recommendations in general (120-240ml) as the recommendations are based on gut health.

Keep in mind that the effects of kombucha on the intestinal flora are not due to probiotics as such, since these are not in sufficient quantities to exert an effect on the body, so their benefits are not due to a «probiotic effect».

Normally probiotics are not present or remain in low concentrations in kombucha (mainly after storage) and for it to alter the microbial flora of the intestine it must be in sufficient quantities through implantation or colonization. In addition, the probiotics in kombucha are already found naturally in our body.

There is no scientific evidence to show that the microbial community of kombucha provides benefits to the host, studies rather suggest that the benefits come from tea and fermentation metabolites (organic acids, polyphenols and vitamins).  [6]

How much Kombucha can get you drunk?

There is no way it does, because there is very little alcohol content which only comes from the fermentation of tea that generates less than 1% in a small volume. The only way this can get you drunk would be if you drink several bottles in a day.

Although many times alcohol levels are normally no higher than 0.5%, even so, cases have been shown of some people who were affected by alcohol content, probably by an overproduction of alcohols during fermentation.

Even kombucha products labeled without alcohol have been withdrawn from the market when it was discovered that they had levels that exceeded the maximum allowed for a non-alcoholic product. 3

How much Kombucha is bad for you?

For kombucha it is advisable NOT to exceed 12 ounces, since some cases have been reported where a significant increase in dosage up to 360ml has brought negative consequences in the body.  [1]

In addition to being contraindicated for certain people with conditions that may predispose the appearance of some side effects. [1]

Cases have been documented where a person died from perforation of the gastrointestinal tract and severe acidosis, this because he had tripled his consumption of tea to 12 ounces a day, this occurred because the fermentation process of the drink increased from 7 to 14 days, making kombucha very acidic, in addition to both victims had conditions that made them susceptible to acidosis.

Another example would be the negative effects produced by caffeine, which, despite having low levels, can affect pregnant and lactating women regardless of the amount taken, there is also a case of a couple where after 6 months they presented poisoning, but also due to a bad preparation of the product in a ceramic vessel that generated lead poisoning.  [2]

This shows that the damages do not always go according to the quantity but also to the preparation and condition of the person, as long as it does not exceed 12 ounces it should not have any while it is a quality product, and the person is aware of his condition during the consumption of kombucha.

Also these cases are statistically very low since they have only affected a small number of people.