How to Dispose of Kombucha (moldy or not)

How to Dispose of Kombucha

When it comes to chemicals or medicinal properties, whether drugs or probiotics, there is always the risk of reacting negatively to the environment, although healthy, kombucha is not exempt from being a risk due to its components. The consequences of handling and disposing of certain chemicals in common sites or landfills are usually underestimated, many … Read more

Kombucha Probiotics: The Ultimate Guide

kombucha probiotics

If you are here, it is because you have heard about the kombucha probiotics, and you want to know more about them, such as what those probiotics are and what effect they can have on your body, the benefits they bring, and if their consumption can get any risk. As you know, the human body … Read more

Kombucha and Fasting: Are They Compatible?

Kombucha and fasting

Fasting is one activity that has taken more strength in recent years. Since its usefulness for the body was discovered, many people have adopted it as a resource to burn fat, among other possible functions. There have even been some who have incorporated kombucha into this practice, given its remarkable benefits for the body, which has … Read more

When You Should Drink Kombucha (and When You Don’t)

when you should drink kombucha

As kombucha is a different drink than most of you know, mainly because of the content of probiotics and organic acids, you may have crossed your mind the question, When is the best time to drink kombucha? You should take kombucha whenever you want since there is no restriction except in the amount you will ingest. … Read more

All about The Antioxidants of Kombucha

Antioxidants of Kombucha

The antioxidants of kombucha are an aspect that attracts a lot of attention since these are quite beneficial for the body. Remember that antioxidants are substances that can fight free radicals, so it is highly recommended to consume foods rich in this compound. The antioxidant capacity of kombucha is due to one of the ingredients, tea, which … Read more

How Much Kombucha You Should Drink (Dialy Dosis)

Cuanta kombucha tomar

It has been said a lot that kombucha favors the health of the body, but to obtain these benefits it is also recommended to limit its consumption because the calories and sugar in tea, despite being low, if taken in excess can affect health, so we will inform you about how much kombucha you should … Read more

Ketogenic Diet Is Kombucha Keto?

Kombucha Keto

The keto diet has run like wildfire among all those people who want to lose some weight, since it has shown excellent results. If you are a kombucha consumer and you have been bitten by the bug of wanting to practice this diet, you surely wonder if you can continue drinking this fermented at the … Read more

What to Do When the SCOBY Grows Too Big

Que hacer cuando el SCOBY crece mucho

Being well cared for, the SCOBY generates new layers around it, known as «children», which will end up being absorbed by the mother, causing the compound to grow, which can end up generating some problems when storing it, so we have created this article so you know how to solve it. What to do when … Read more

The Sugar Content in Kombucha

El Contenido de Azúcar en la Kombucha

Sugar is a key ingredient in the preparation of kombucha, it is responsible for feeding the necessary bacteria and yeasts, in addition to sweetening the drink. Even so, the composition and amount of sugar used at the beginning of fermentation is different at the end or during it, often generating unwanted changes in the concentration … Read more